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Evil femme fatale Josie Miller

Josie Miller aka Emily Havran aka Brittany Campion (Olivia Grant) is the main villainess of "The Velvet Glove", episode 2.07 of Crossing Lines (airdate October 2, 2014).

Josie was the evil ringleader of a group women who seduced wealthy older men into marrying them before poisoning them to death to earn their wealth. She was aided by male henchmen in her gang's greedy murders, as they created accidents to befall the men to make it easier for the women to poison them under the guise of nursing them back to health.

During the episode's events, Josie's latest victim was Andrej Havran, having married him under the alias Emily. Before killing Andrej, Josie had her henchman Jude regularly threaten Andrej's friend and tenant Nora Skálová and raised the rent for the apartments, even going as far as to place a restraining order against Nora to cut her out of Andrej's life. After his death, Josie continued to harass Nora and, while she was questioned by ICC agents Tommy McConnel and Arabela Seeger about Andrej, she arrived at the apartment to evict her after accusing her of leaving garbage outside her apartment (which was really put there by Jude). Tommy and Arabela later went to question Josie, only for her and Jude to disallow them from coming in.

Eventually, Sabina Baxendale (another woman in Josie's gang, as well as her cousin) was tracked down to a cottage owned by her husband, Herbert Baxendale, and she confessed to the group of Black Widow killers and to Josie (her cousin) being the leader. She also revealed that she felt she was in debt to Josie after she supported her and her mother following her father leaving her and that she was initially unaware that she was killing the men she seduced. Sabina agreed to lure Josie for the police, calling her and agreeing to meet with her to discuss stealing the money Herbert's nephew Lawrence had been siphoning from his uncle. The meeting took place at a subway station, and the evil Josie immediately deduced that Sabina had contacted the police.

At that moment, a dry ice bomb planted by Josie's henchmen went off, creating a diversion and allowing henchman Anastas "Tas" Cooper to grab Sabina while Josie attempted to escape. Sabina was saved from being killed, and Josie and her accomplices were arrested. During her offscreen deposition, Josie revealed that her mother had started the murder-for-profit business and coldly stated that her only regret was not being able to kill her victims faster.

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