The evil Jolene

Jolene (Ever Carradine) is the main villainess from "Bombshell," the antepenultimate episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent's sixth season (airdate May 8, 2007). She is the sister of reality TV star Lorelai Mailer, and the aunt to Loreial's son, Justin Holland, and her newborn daughter, Ava.

Jolene also worked as Lorelai's assistant, but years prior to the events, Lorelai suggested to have both herself and Jolene featured as the "Honey of the Year" on a Playboy-esque magazine, only for the head editor, George Merritt, to turn down the proposal and only feature Lorelai. Jolene worked as her sister's assistant ever since, but she harbored jealousy and resentment, especially during Lorelai's relationship with Ronnie Chase.

Justin died suddenly of a methadone overdose, leaving Ronnie to be suspected of killing him. With that, the evil Jolene took the opportunity to kill Lorelai, doing so by lacing her drink with a lethal dose of methadone and anti-depressants, with Lorelai succumbing to the effects in her bathroom. Throughout the investigation, the deceptive villainess sent Detectives Mike Logan and Megan Wheeler in the direction of Ronnie, and later on, she spotted Lorelai's dog, Princess, urinating on the floor, leading to Jolene having her put down.

Suspicion later turned to Jolene regarding the deaths of her sister and nephew, leading to Logan having Ronnie released to test her reaction. As Logan expected, Jolene expressed indignation over Ronnie's release, as she continued to paint him as Lorelai and Justin's killer. The deranged villainess even resorted to holding baby Ava over the rooftop, threatening to drop her if Ronnie didn't confess. As it turned out, Ronnie really did kill Justin, as he was a threat to his relationship with Lorelai, but denied killing Lorelai during his arrest. After Ronnie was taken away, Jolene ended up revealed as her sister's killer, and she confessed under the claim that Lorelai wanted to be with Justin. Following her confession, Jolene was arrested (off-screen).

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is loosely based on the death of Anna Nicole Smith, who died three months to the day before the episode aired.
  • Ever Carradine previously played another murderous sibling on CSI, appearing as the evil Faye Minden. She also played villainous conspirator Erika on 24, as well as possessed villainess Julia Wright on Supernatural.
  • Ever Carradine later played psychotic villainess Randi Gordon on Rizzoli & Isles, and appeared as the evil Claire Lyons on Breakout Kings.
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