The evil Jocelyn Barnhardt

Jocelyn Barnhardt (Jane Dulo; 1912-1994) is the main villainess from "The Right Price," episode 4.22 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate March 8, 1959). She is the wife and business partner of Mort Barnhardt.

Jocelyn and Mort's marriage is not a happy one, as they constantly bicker over their business, mainly over who brings in more money. The couple's latest argument ends with them going to bed, but not before Jocelyn vows that Mort will never get any of her money. Mort is woken up by the sound of an intruder entering the house, who he later encounters when he walks to the living room. He later makes a deal with the intruder, nicknamed "The Cat," which has Mort paying him $3500 to kill Jocelyn. The Cat agrees and goes upstairs to the bedroom to do the job.

In the episode's climax, Mort went upstairs to see what was taking so long, only to see Jocelyn out cold, believing that the deed was done. However, The Cat knocks out Mort with his gun and smothers him to death, and shortly afterwards, Jocelyn rose up, revealing that she was not only alive, but she paid The Cat to kill her husband. Regarding their deal, the evil Jocelyn paid $5000, and even chided Mort for his cheap offer to The Cat. The episode ended with the villainess writing the check to her accomplice; however, Hitchcock revealed in his closing narration that both Jocelyn and The Cat were caught and arrested (off-screen) for Mort's murder.

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