Evil crystal meth queenpin Jimmy

Jimmy (Gwendolyn Bucci) is the main villainess of "The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant," episode 1.05 of The Mysteries of Laura (airdate October 15, 2014). She was a notorious and ruthless crystal meth queenpin based out of New York City. Her illegal business thrived by way of her catering to an untapped market: stressed out mothers desperate for relief. Furthermore, she was widely known throughout the city since it appeared no one knew her personally and because no one who ever quit working for her lived.

Jimmy's best dealer was Cody Roberts, as he didn't have the traditional look of such a dealer and was thus more approachable for the mothers. When he and his girlfriend Corrine Madrid decided to escape the callous criminal's stranglehold, they lured loner Mark Harris to their apartment through a home exchange website before killing him, soaking his corpse in acid so the police (and Jimmy) would believe Cody was dead.

When Mark's remains were discovered by his elderly neighbor Lillian Greenberg, Laura Diamond and the rest of her team investigated the murder, initially assuming that Jimmy had Cody killed for trying to quit. After learning from undercover DEA agent Alejandro Padilla of an upcoming shipment Jimmy's company had coming in, Laura's team set up a sting operation to catch the dealer. The villainess attempted to calmly walk away (presumably under the assumption that the police wouldn't believe a woman was their culprit), but she was spotted by Laura before promptly being arrested. Jimmy immediately obtained a lawyer without saying anything, and she was also pointed out in a lineup by Cody. This led Laura to realize that the man posing as Mark was Cody all along when she took note of his nervous stutter, which had been pointed out by one of his clients earlier. While her ultimate fate was never officially disclosed, it can be assumed that Jimmy was imprisoned offscreen for her wicked deeds.

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