Jetta (aka Sheila Burns) (Louise Dorsey) is a villain from Jem. She is one of the Misfits, and she comes from Britain. She later met The Misfits while performing at a club in L.A. when the latter were looking for a new member (even though Roxy never approved of her). Stormer suddenly heard music, particularly a "powerful" saxophone, blaring in a seedy dance club. Pizzazz used her father's money and influence to get a resident card for Jetta. Jetta's parents  made an appearance in the episode Britrock and, like their daughter, they are always ready to take part in any scheme, no matter how low, to make a quick buck.


  • Louise Dorsey, Jetta's voice, was one of finalists auditioning for the role of Jetta. After hearing Louise's British voice over several Americans doing terrible cockney accents, Christy Marx picked her because she liked her the best. 
  • Jetta's doll was not available in the UK.
  • Originally she was going to have a guitar.
  • She can play keyboard and guitar.
  • Originally, Christy Marx wanted a black Misfit to add diversity to the group, but that was considered offensive at the time. White Americans, British and Australians were considered suitable for villains, so then Jetta was to be British.
    • In the Jem and The Holograms 2015 comic, Jetta was made black. She remained British though.
  • Jetta is portrayed by Mexican actress and singer Eiza González in the Jem and the Holograms film adaptation.
  • Technically, Jetta would've been considered as an illegal immigrant since she didn't have the proper work papers, but Pizzazz's father was able to handle that.
  • Out of all the Misfits, Jetta is actually closer to Pizzazz.
  • Her stage name, Jetta, actually means 'jet black' which would be referring to her attire and hair color, as well as the color of her saxophone which is also black.
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