Evil femma fatale Jessica Monroe

Jessica Monroe (Summer Spiro) was the main villainess of the 2016 Lifetime movie If Looks Could Kill (airdate December 31, 2016).

Jessica is first introduced getting photos taken by a photographer boyfriend, while accusing him of making her look ugly in a sinister monotone. Later on, we see Jessica seemingly get accosted by a man at a bar. She is rescued by Paul Wagner, a police officer at the bar with friends from the force. One of them is Faith, a recently hired officer who is a friend of Paul's, who unbeknownst to him has feelings for him.

Soon after this encounter, Jessica and Paul begin dating, much to Faith's dismay. Faith has suspicions about Jessica, but they are rebuffed by Paul. When Jessica reveals she's pregnant, she and Paul get married. But soon after this, Jessica begins to show bigger signs of her true nature. She is adamant about moving to Hollywood to start a movie career, but Paul convinces her to take it slower and get an acting job in a commercial nearby. This is how she begins an affair with Lucas, a young actor also auditioning for the ad who is immediately taken by Jessica. She becomes more hostile towards Paul, lies to Lucas saying that Paul abuses her and that her baby is his, and it is revealed that she killed Paul's beloved cat while making it look as though it had simply gotten out of the house and run off.

As Faith investigates further, she learns that Jessica is a sociopath incapable of human feeling and that she has a history of using men to her own devices. When Jessica miscarries, she begs Paul to put her in his will so that she will "feel safe". She also starts making threats to Faith, even throwing a brick through her window with "I win" written on it. Faith tries once again to convince Paul of Jessica's evilness, but Paul refuses to believe her. One night, Jessica has Lucas go to her house and kill Paul. He shoots him before Jessica appears and kills Lucas with her own gun. Faith suddenly shows up and Jessica holds her at gunpoint. When Faith asks why she was doing this, she claims that her mother beat her and that her father raped her. Faith expresses sympathy before Jessica laughs and says she had actually had a good upbringing, and that she's evil because she likes being evil. In spite of this, Faith still attempts to unlock Jessica's goodness, even stating she could get away with her crimes, and even be a hero who saved Paul, but Jessica spitefully rejects all of Faith's pleas, and prepares to kill Paul in an attempt to cause Faith further pain. Now realizing that Jessica is truly a nonredeemable monster, Faith quickly foils Jessica's attempt to kill Paul by pushing her to the ground, just as the police arrive in time and give a monster like Jessica the well-deserved comeuppance of arresting her and sending her to prison, likely permanently.

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