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Jessica Chobot is the antagonist of the episodes, "Nerdist Showdown" and "Laser War", from the web series, This Week at RocketJump. The series is a mix of real and fictional content depicting the behind-the-scenes life of RocketJump employees.

These two episodes are made to be a spoof of low-budget action films, starring Jake from RocketJump as the cliché cheesy, smooth-talking, sunglass-wearing hero.

Nerdist Showdown

The RocketJump team takes on team Nerdist in a game of Laser Tag. Jessica Chobot, a member of the Nerdist team, ends up dominating the match with the most kills, and team Nerdist wins.

Some time after the match, Jake meets up with a member from team Nerdist, who spills the beans that the match was rigged. Shortly after confessing this, the car he attempts to leave in explodes, killing him. Later on, Jake is confronted by Jessica and held at gunpoint. She reveals that she was the one who rigged the match and killed her fellow employee with the bomb in his car.

He's saved when Jessica trips on a conveniently-placed banana peel, throwing her to the floor. This knocks Jessica unconscious, but she also landed on Jake's dog, killing him. Jessica is arrested (offscreen) and the episode ends with Jake mourning the loss of his dog.

Laser War

The episode begins with Jessica in an electrocution chair, about to be executed for her crimes. Instead of killing her, however, the chair unlocks a special power within her that allows her to fire a high-powered laser from her mouth. She kills everyone in the room and escapes.

She then goes on to kidnap Jake, and tells him about her evil plan to challenge his coworkers to a laser tag rematch, with the intention of killing them with her new powers. She leaves Jake to be killed by her henchman and begins to carry out her plan.

The RocketJump team shows up to the fake rematch, where Jessica appears and kills them one-by-one. Jake manages to escape his captivity and shows up to the match to save his friends. Angered that Jake is still alive, Jessica knocks him out with an energy blast. While unconscious, Jake dreams of his deceased dog, who gives him inspiration to keep going. He wakes up to Jessica standing over him, who proceeds to belittle him as she charges up one more laser blast. As she fires her laser at him, he whips out a mirror, reflecting the energy blast back at her, causing her to explode into a cloud of plasma and dust.

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