Psychotic villainess Jessica

Jessica (Beatrice King) was a villainess from the 2017 film, The Show (alternately titled, This Is Your Death). She was a dental hygienist who was one of the final two contestants on the reality show, Married to a Millionaire.

The film kicked off with the final moments of the show, where the main male suitor, John, was deciding between Jessica or Brandi. When host Adam Rogers asked for John's decision, the suitor chose Brandi after telling Jessica that they weren't compatible. After John's decision, Jessica turned heel and shot John to death, and later set her sights on Brandi, who was being shielded by Adam.

The psychotic villainess lashed out at Brandi, while also demanding that Adam move away so she could kill her rival. After hearing sirens, the evil Jessica placed the gun in her mouth and fired, committing suicide.

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