Jessica 1 Mr Pickles
(Christine Lakin) is the primary antagonist of "Finale", the tenth season two episode of the animated adult swim show "Mr. Pickles".

Jessica poses as an assistant in a rare antiques shop where she meets Grandpa, who went there after finding a mysterious coin. She quickly tells him that he is in grave danger and takes him across town so that she can tell him all about the coin. Inside of a filthy apartment building, she reveals that she knows nothing about the coin, stole the car they took, is not even an employee of the antique shop, and that she has an insatiable fetish for old people (mainly old men as there are pictures of old men on her wall)

Jessica 7 Mr Pickles
Grandpa resists her advances, stating that he is still married to his late wife, Agnes. Jessica suggests that they have a threesome, but when he further reveals that she has passed away, she thinks that he is just "lying" to avoid having sex with her. The two head to the cemetery and locate the tombstone. At first Jessica was disappointed, but she realizes that one doesn't get much older than "dead" and insists on having the sexual act anyways, much to Grandpa's annoyance. Jessica then forces Grandpa at gunpoint to dig up his wife's corpse, otherwise she'll be having a threesome with both their dead bodies.

The ground breaks free and the two fall into Mr. Pickles' lair. Following the path before them, they find their way to Mr. Pickles, surrounded by his minions and associates. Grandpa snatches Jessica's gun and forces Mr. Pickles and his associates to tell him where his wife is. Jessica begins to remark Grandpa being "assertive", but he tells her to back off. Jessica notices the two elderly kings and becomes attracted to them. She tries to seduce them, but Mr. Pickles kills her with a ping-pong paddle.

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