Jeri Murdico

The evil Jeri Murdico

Jeri Murdico (Susan Diol) is the secondary villainess from "Murder Two," episodes 4.15 and 4.16 of Diagnosis Murder (airdates January 30 and February 6, 1997).

Jeri Murdico is a nurse at Community General Hospital, as well as the girlfriend of Dr. Eric Spindler. In Part 1, Jeri informed Spindler at a dinner date that she was pregnant, and was left furious after Spindler informed her that he wanted nothing to do with her. Later in the episode, Jeri confronted Spindler at his home and smashed a lamp on his head, leaving him dead. However, Jeri was not charged because Spindler was fatally poisoned at the time she entered the home.

In Part 2, though, it was revealed that Jeri had poisoned Spindler, doing so before her "confrontation." Jeri, as also later revealed, was involved in a conspiracy that included framing Barry McCarthy for murdering his wife, Paula--who was actually murdered by Paula's evil sister, Debbie Gardner, and her husband Jack. She was caught by Spindler talking to Jack, and before Spinlder got close to the truth, the evil Jeri poisoned him with monocaine, which she acquired from Debbie. Jeri's plan also included framing Jesse Travis for Spindler's murder, doing so by lacing one of his bottle of wine with monocaine and placing it inside the home.

Regarding the "confrontation," neighbor Edward Price actually caught Jeri leaving the home after she originally killed him, so she planned to loudly confront Spindler hours later and made sure Price witnessed it. Once she was inside, Jeri deleted her voice message and later turned on Spindler's boombox. She placed headphones on the deceased Spindler before smashing him with the lamp. Jeri was arrested and charged with Spindler's murder.

Trivia Edit

  • Susan Diol later appeared on CSI as the evil Beth Dunbar.

Personality Edit

  • As Jesse Travis described her, Jeri Murdico was evil. Despite displaying her sweet nature and serving as a friend of Jesse, she had a clear sociopathic side, having no problem committing murder and framing Jesse for her crimes.
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