Jennifer Sands

Greedy villainess Jennifer Sands

Jennifer Sands (Lisa Brenner) is the main villainess from "Ladies in Red," episode 1.04 of The Mentalist (airdate October 21, 2008). She was the wife of political contributor Jason Sands, who was having an affair with a young woman named Adrianna Jonovic--his revealed fiancee.

Not only did Jennifer know about the affair, but she was enraged to learn that he was going to take their daughter, Julie, along with $10 million in diamonds, and run away with Adrianna. She was also fuming that Julie shared a bond with Adrianna. Wanting the diamonds for herself (and feeling that she deserved them), Jennifer colluded with Jason's attorney, Michael Bennett, to torture him and force him to reveal the whereabouts of the diamonds. Jason refused and attempted to call police, which led to the evil Jennifer shooting and killing her husband.

A group effort led to Jennifer's reveal, as after Bennett was shot when he was caught holding Julie hostage at his place, Cho mentioned a woman named Wendy claimed to know where the diamonds were. After Van Pelt furthered the ruse, both Jennifer and Adrianna (the latter also looking for the diamonds) left the area. However, the group found Adrianna with Julie, which revealed that Jennifer was the killer. Jennifer was found by Patrick Jane frantically searching her daughter's toybox, and it was there that Jane told the villainess that Bennett revealed everything, while thwarting Jennifer's attempt to seduce him.

Regarding what gave Jennifer away, Jane stated that it was her answer to his question about the famous play, "Peter and the Wolf," which Jennifer claimed to have taken Julie to see at the time of Jason's murder. When asked whether the duck was represented by a flute or a bassoon, Jennifer said the bassoon. It was actually the oboe; the wolf was the bassoon, proving that Jennifer was not at the play. At that point, Jennifer ranted about her husband planning to run away with Adrianna and the diamonds, as well as her belief that Julie preferred Adrianna over her. As for the diamonds, Jane informed Jennifer that they were in the chandelier above them, which Jason made himself. Jennifer was later arrested for her husband's murder.

Trivia Edit

  • Lisa Brenner later played recurring villainess Tasha Ogden on Perception.
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