The psychotic Jennifer

Jennifer was the main villainess of the Moon Raven Tales story, "Blue Eyes". She was the younger sister of Sara, who appeared to be perfect in every way: Beautiful, intelligent, athletic, popular, and kind. Jennifer, however, harbored a deep hatred for her sister, despising her for her perfection. This was worsened by the girls' parents frequently berating Jennifer for not measuring up to Sara. The thing about Sara that Jennifer hated most, though, were her beautiful blue eyes. While spying on her sister one day, the psychotic Jennifer angrily decided that without her eyes, Sara would be nothing.

The next day, Sara waited after school for Jennifer, but she never showed up. She went home and looked for her, but she was not there either. After cancelling a date with her boyfriend, Sara went outside to look for her more. When she looked in the backyard, Sara was horrified to find Jennifer, her body hanging from a tree by a noose and her stomach cut open with her intestines hanging out. Horrified and driven mad by the horrific sight, Sara tore her eyes out of their sockets and died at Jennifer's feet, with implications being that Jennifer killed herself in a horrific manner for that very purpose.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The story was based on an urban legend of the same name.
  • Jennifer dies with a knife clutched in her hand. This isn't possible, as when someone dies, their body goes limp and would not be able to hold anything, especially if they are hanging.

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