Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan1

Carmen Duncan as Jennifer

A post-apocalyptic jungle prison for "undesirables" is the setting for ESCAPE 2000 (a.k.a. TURKEY SHOOT, a.k.a. BLOOD CAMP THATCHER)

Jennifer (Carmen Duncan) is one of the blood-thirsty V.I.P.s who are invited to hunt down escaped prisoners like animals, for sport.

An accomplished equestrienne, Jennifer pursues her foot-bound quarry on horseback, killing several men with her exploding crossbow bolts. A perverted lesbian, she delays killing a buxom blonde escapee until she has had her way with the girl.

The remaining escapees double-back and attack the camp headquarters, killing Jennifer and the other villains in suitably nasty fashion.


Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan4

Jennifer eyes her prey.

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan13

Jennifer confronts the heroine at camp HQ.

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan2

She takes aim at an escapee in the tall grass.

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan14

The heroine turns Jennifer's exploding arrow on HER.

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan5

"The hunt is over... for YOU, my pet."

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan5a

She has plans for the busty blonde!

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan15

She gets her own weapon in the neck!

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan11

The lesbian's feast is in front of her!

Escape2000 TurkeyShoot CarmenDuncan16

A nasty end for the perverted villainess.

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