Jenna McCarty

The evil Jenna McCarty

Jenna McCarty (Christy Carlson Romano) was a villainess from the 2010 film, Mirrors 2. She is a buyer working at the Mayflower Department Store.

Two months prior to the film's events, Jenna attended a grand opening party with Ryan Parker, the Vice President of Operations, and it was there that they spotted the newly hired Eleanor Reigns sitting nearby. The pair decided to "loosen" Eleanor up, and while Ryan approached Eleanor, the evil Jenna laced Eleanor's drink with drugs. The villainous pair watched as Eleanor became intoxicated, and they left her with store manager Keller Landreaux, who raped and eventually killed Eleanor. The film's events show Jenna introduced to Max Matheson (the film's protagonist), after her role in Eleanor's rape and murder was covered up.

Later in the film, Jenna was on the phone in her home when she was stalked (unbeknownst to her) by Eleanor's vengeful spirit, who took the form of Jenna's reflection. While Jenna was in the shower, Eleanor used her powers to manipulate Jenna's reflection into decapitating herself; meanwhile, Jenna became shocked at seeing her demonic reflection and fell into her shower. Eleanor later used her powers to send a shard of glass down to decapitate Jenna. Jenna's villainous reveal came posthumously, via flashbacks to her malicious actions in the film's climax.


  • Christy Carlson Romano later played psychotic villainess Gabby Wright in 2014's Deadly Daycare.


Mirrors 2 - Jenna's death

Mirrors 2 - Jenna's death

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