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Jasmine (Lindsay Maxwell) is an alien antagonist in the 2007 film Decoys 2: Alien Seduction. Jasmine is first seen when she is stopped for speeding by a police officer. She is unsuccessful in persuading the officer to let her out of the ticket despite showing a little skin. When the police officer took her license and registration and returned to his car, Jasmine followed him to seduce him. She stripped out of her top to reveal a red bra. However, she accidentally killed him prior to mating.

Later, Jasmine and another alien Delia (Michelle Malineux) report back to their leader, Constance Snowden (Kim Poirier). Constance tells them not to be so sloppy, and be more careful. We learn that the Decoys are aliens who are attempting to ensure the continuation of their species by mating with males. They must do this in a cold environment or the process won't work.

Jasmine attempts to seduce many of the men at the university she is attending. One of these encounters is when she lures Arnold Steiner (Sam Easton) out of the school's library telling him she is having car trouble. She lures him to a secluded spot. Arnold uses his phone video to capture the encounter by turning it on and setting it on the ground. His buddy Sam Compton (Tyler Johnston) is watching the video, and Jasmine eventually ties him to the post. She changes into a black leather corset and thigh high boots. Then she changes into an alien and begins mating with him.  

She is eventually tracked back to the hospital along with her Decoy sisters Delia and Angeline (Natalie McFetridge). Jasmine has a catfight with Stephanie Baxter (Kailin See). The fight is broken up by Sam who cuts off one of her tentacles and then tackles her into the opening of an incinerator. She attempts to beg for mercy in her human form, but Sam is wanting none of it, and hits the fire button which kills Jasmine.


  • Lindsay Maxwell appeared as Greta March in the 2017 Lifetime film, Woman on the Run, and as Liz Oakley in the 2018 Lifetime film, Killer Body.


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