Janice, a young woman fascinated by jewelry, is a minor villainess in the S.W.A.T. episode “Deadly Tide” (2.1-2.2). She is played by Susan Dey.


Janice and the jewels

Janice is part of a gang specialized in robbing jewelers. Her job is to play an ordinary customer interested in the most precious pieces. After everything really valuable is draped in front of her, Janice’s partners make their entry and force the jeweler at gun point to surrender all his merchandise. If something goes wrong, Janice is taken “hostage” to make the police back off. This is how the S.W.A.T. team gets to know her. At the end, however, the S.W.A.T leader knocks out the gang boss who tried to get away by boat, together with Janice, both dressed as divers since they tried to steal a treasure hidden in a ship wreck on high sea. As the henchwoman realizes that all her partners are defeated, she throws herself into the S.W.A.T leader’s arms and starts playing her “hostage” role, thanking him for her “rescue”. But this time, this trick will not work again: the police officer coldly tells her that they’ve “got to talk”, calling her ironically “Ms. Hostage” and showing her the wig she used to dress up as the jeweler’s “customer”. After a hard cut, we get a glimpse on how she is put in handcuffs. Together with the rest of the gang, Janice is placed into a patrol car and (obviously) taken to jail.
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