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is a surprise villainess in the 1988 Italinan sci-fi horror comic "Storie Blu Special #31: Il Ricatto di Sangue". She was created by Carmelo Gozzo (story) and Pier Carlo Macchi (artist).

Janet is the assistant of scientific inventor Professor Steinsler. After discovering that Steinsler has created a prototype machine that is capable of transporting matter instantaneously from place to another, a recently escaped criminal named Bud Hendricks breaks into his laboratory and restrains the two individuals. He then uses the machine to blackmail the judge who sentenced him by threatening to kill his daughter, Ginzy, if she does not perform sexual acts on live television in front of a national audience.

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Bud becomes so excited from the prospect of finally getting his revenge that he momentarily takes Janet over to a tray table and begins to rape her. What he does not realize during this time, however, is that Janet was discreetly able to pilfer a small filing tool from a lower shelf. When placed back into position afterwords, Janet uses the tool to free herself and then manages to sneak up behind Hendricks and knock him unconscious with a heavy microscope right before he was to murder the judge's daughter.

Steinsler is immediately relived, thinking that this nightmare has finally come to an end. However, he is quickly horrified as he watches his assistant use the machine to send a large sharpened pole to Ginzy, fatally impaling her. An exultant Janet then explains to him that she had been plotting to murder the professor all along in order to steal the secrets to his invention and make herself rich. Steinsler tells her that she will never get away with it, but she feels otherwise, countering with the fact that everyone will think that it was Hendricks who did it.

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Janet stabs Steinsler to death just as a restrained Hendricks finishes regaining his senses. The woman then spends the next several hours murdering women all around the city with the transporter machine to help prove that Hendricks was "still alive" long after the death of the professor. Determining that enough time has passed, Janet then performs fellatio on the criminal, with hopes that his fresh reproductive fluids will help to further solidify this.

When morning arrives, Janet finally kills Hendricks and then calls for help. The authorities buy her story completely and she vows to continue working very closely with the invention of the late professor.

Janet, from the book's cover.

Grabbing some sulfuric acid to continue "Bud's" murders...

...and pressing the switch on the machine.

Killing Steinsler.

Laughing at how excited Bud remains, despite that the tables have taken a fatal turn for him...

Turning on the waterworks for the police, who buy it hook, line and sinker...

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