Wearing her headgear to touch up a corpse...

Jane Klugenford
 (Julie Conners?) is a secondary antagonist in the 1985 Italian crime thriller "Light Blast", aka. "Culpi di luce".

Jane is the wife of the film's main antagonist, Dr. Yuri Svoboda, who has been terrorizing San Francisco with a death ray that he developed. When hero Ronn Warren (Eric Estrada) goes to investigate the murder of hs friend, Bonnie Rolando, who was killed by Svoboda, at the Kluge funeral parlor, he discovers Jane touching up a corpse. Jane quickly becomes aware of his presence and procedes to attack him; first using a large rod, and then employing some fairly impressive fighting skills, before finally using her pistol. Warren is able to get a couple of punches to the face in, but she has the upper hand for most of the scuffle.

Jane is finally killed with a shot to the chest, while her husband escapes. She never utters one word in any of her scenes in the film.


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