Jane is a evil babe from the Hart to Hart Pilot episode (S01 E00). She is played by Lina Raymond.

In this very first episode, Jonathan and Jennifer are undercover at a health farm. The doctors there were responsible for the death of a friend of the Harts.

Jane is a henchwoman working for Dr. Metz and Dr. Fleming (Stella Stevens). She is first seen teaching self defense to the patients.

Later she watches over Jonathan who wants to leave the compound. When he and Jennifer went to their car and he opens the trunk, Jane comes out of the trunk (strange spot for a surprise attack). She attacks Jonathan with kicks and punches and even damages a car when avoids her attacks. She kicks Jonathan around for so long, that Jennifer gets bored. She starts the car and drives back. Jonathan pushes Jane towards the car and Jane falls into the open trunk. Jonathan closes the trunk lit and traps Jane inside. (Funny to see her ending in the same place she chooses for her set up). The Harts drove away but have later an accident forged by the doctors. When the police arrives the policemen looks at Jennifer and asks "girlfriend?" and Jonathan replies "wife!". Then dizzy Jane comes out of the trunk and Jonathan tells the policeman "I like to keep a spare in the trunk".


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