Adulterous villainess Jana

Jana (Jana Fredericks) is the villainess of Mike Higbee's music video, Secret Life (release date February 25, 2013). She was the lover of the video's main protagonist Mike (played by Higbee himself), and the video opened with them going on a picnic together.

While Jana was shown to be ecstatic over the outing, Mike was shown to be solemn due to a revelation he'd made recently: Jana was cheating on him with a man named James, having witnessed them sneaking into a house for a tryst. It was also revealed that Mike's true intentions for the picnic were to kill Jana in revenge for her betrayal, as shown by him drugging Jana with chloroform before carrying her out into a nearby field to bury her alive.

However, as Mike took a break from digging to smoke and think back over his relationship with Jana, Jana awoke and got up. Rather than flee from her murderous lover, however, the vengeful Jana turned heel by striking Mike in the head with a rock, killing him and sending his body falling into the hole he'd dug for her. Afterwards, the evil Jana wiped off her hands and the video ended with her beginning to bury Mike's body.


Mike Higbee - Secret Life (Official Video)

Mike Higbee - Secret Life (Official Video)

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