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Jade Dixon-Halliday played by Rae Baker.

Jade is Oscar Cole's mother. Formally married to Edward Dixon-Halliday.

Thoughtful, manipulative, farseeing, Machiavellian; Jade is shown to be an adept double agent. Jade is also deceptively intelligent and cunning, capable of influencing anyone to achieve her goals. The only one who doesn't fall for her manipulation is, of course, her own son. She also is capable of a cynical sense of humor. She is something of an opportunist, siding with SKUL when the war between the latter and M.I.9 goes in their favor. She shows care towards her son, Oscar. She is loyal to the Grand Master.
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She is adept at hand-to-hand combat. Despite her loyalty to SKUL she never considered abandoning Oscar as she loves him.

She is a SKUL agent who betrayed M.I.9. She becomes the second in command to the Grand Master and eventually his right hand. She was arrested in "Tim Brown's SKUL Days".


  • Rae Baker appeared as Emily in the 1998 episode "Model" for the TV series Birds of a Feather.


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