Evil Jade

The evil and callous Jade

Jade (Lauren Mora) is the main villainess from "Glitch," a short film released by Crypt TV (release date May 24, 2017).

The short film features Jade visiting Kyla and her husband, Don, and placing a set of VR glasses on Kyla to show her a scene called, "The Tear in the Veil." Kyla was shown an image of a day at the beach, but during this, a monstrous entity in the form of a glitch startled Kyla. After Don removes the glasses, Kyla displayed glowing white eyes and later killed Don by ripping out his throat, while Jade stoically watches.

It was after the killing that Jade turned heel and revealed herself as a monster, as she removed her sunglasses and revelaed her glitchy glowing eyes. The villainess gave Kyla the glasses to make her a monster just like her, and the film ends with the evil Jade smirking over her actions.



Glitch Short Horror Film Crypt TV

Glitch Short Horror Film Crypt TV

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