Jade The Evil Queen Bloodwork 00

Jade, The Evil Queen

Jade, The Evil Queen (Juliya Chernetsky aka Mistress Juliya) is a villainess from 36 Crazyfists' music video for their 2004 song Bloodwork.

She is an evil woman who sends her henchmen to hunt down the band. She wears a red cheongsam and black high heels in her first appearance, and later dresses in a short pink leather skirt.

The band are walking through New York City's Chinatown area, when a man runs out from a building and plants a vial in to the singer's pocket. Jade exits the same building immediately afterwards and orders her ninja henchmen to "get them!!". The band run through the streets and end up inside the Lair of Doom, where they are trapped and captured by the ninjas.

However, a good ninja called Taimak has followed them inside the lair, and Jade orders her men to "seize him!". The henchmen fight Taimak, and Jade is seen either enjoying watching Taimak get beaten, or flinching when Taimak gets the upper hand on her men. Eventually the numbers game is too much for Taimak, and he is restrained by Jade's henchmen, much to her delight.

A captured Taimak tells the singer to check his pocket for the vial, where inside he finds four capsules - one for each member of the band. The band swallow the capsules and now have the strength and ability to take down the ninja henchmen, which they do with ease. The evil Jade curses her luck about being "foiled again!!" and exits the lair.


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