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Isabella Delgado Is a villainess from the 10 episode series Big Time in Hollywood, FL that aired from 25 March 2015 and ended on the 27 May 2015 she made her first appearance In, Separate But Equal (1.6 aried 29 April 2015) and her last on the very last episode, Art Imitates Death (1.10 aired 27 May 2015) her dimise Is kinda comical as she goes to shoot the good guys In Jack and Ben after a gun fight she Is shot In the back by a Monkey that Jack and Ben are fond of this Is only luck tho as the monkey also kills a good guy In Agent Everett Malloy and starts going on a shooting rampage but leaving Jack and Ben as the two are now safe.

She Is portryted by Paz Vega.

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