Copycat serial killer Iris Quarrie

Iris Quarrie (played by Rachel Hunter) is the hidden main villainess in the direct-to-video thriller movie Final Move (2006).

Quarrie is an FBI agent who works with her ex-boyfriend and psychic Dan Marlowe (Matt Schulze) and the police - including Detective Roman Krieg (Lochlyn Munro) and Captain Baker (David Carradine) - to investigate a series of brutal murders.

However, the unstable Iris is secretly the very same serial killer the police are hunting, and uses her in-depth knowledge of the 'chess piece murders' committed by the recently executed Thomas Page to copycat his crimes. The murderess' motive is to drive Marlowe crazy with guilt for rejecting her and instead marrying Amy (Amanda Detmer).

Events Edit

Background Edit

Iris is an FBI agent who worked with Krieg to capture Thomas Page, a serial killer who committed five murders. Page specifically targeted victims he felt had evaded justice due to technicalities or corruption. He was dubbed the 'chess piece killer' as he left chess pieces in the hands of each victim and set up a deadly match with police using squares on the board to represent areas of Los Angeles. Page was eventually captured when the psychic Marlowe experienced a vision of the latest murder during which the masked killer removed his hood.

During the case Iris developed an attraction for Marlowe, but this was not reciprocated. Marlowe later married Amy and together they had a daughter Claire. Years later Page is executed for his crimes on death row (shown during the prologue of the movie). Angry at Marlowe's rejection of her, the deranged Iris decides to use her knowledge of the chess killer case to commit a series of copycat murders.

First Victim Edit

To set her diabolical scheme in motion Iris targets Sarah Underhill, a woman believed to have murdered children but who got off on a technicality. Iris telephones Sarah while she is preparing dinner at a home, disguising her voice with an electronic modulator. Iris taunts Sarah about the crime and makes a comment regarding Sarah burning herself on the oven door.

With Sarah becoming increasingly scared Iris lures her to the door. The masked murderess then smashes the glass, grabs Sarah and throws her to the ground. Sarah struggles but is too weak to escape. After throwing Sarah around the kitchen Iris uses a taser to electrocute her. The copycat killer then stages the crime scene to resemble the old case by leaving a chess piece in Sarah's hand (not shown, but seen later when the police investigate).


The murderous FBI agent investigates her own crime

Iris - still an FBI agent - is called to the crime scene and is present when Krieg arrives. They discuss the chess piece in the victim's hand and Krieg reluctantly contacts Marlowe to help with the case. Marlowe is established to be having nightmares, has a strained relationship with his wife, and has developed a friendship with homeless chess player Myron.

Krieg brings Marlowe to the crime scene where the psychic experiences a blurry vision of the masked killer. Iris has left a recorded message at the crime scene during which she (with her voice disguised) torments Marlowe about the murder and implies he made a mistake in arresting Thomas Page.

Suspects and Second Murder Edit

At the police station Krieg, Marlowe and Iris explain the chess killer case to new arrival Captain Baker. They discuss several possible suspects including the crazy Thomas Haig, music video editor Leon Oswald and self-defined sexual predator Veronica Bishop. Marlowe studies a map of Los Angeles overlaid with a chess grid, and suggests possible next moves the killer might make. Unknown to him the murderess is present for the discussion and is thus aware of the police plans.

The masked murderess attacks Bobby Sayles

To keep up the ruse Iris arrests Haig and brings him in for questioning, though Krieg does not believe Haig is the killer. During the interrogation the black-gloved Iris - who has presumably left the station - calls Marlowe and tips him off regarding her next victim: Bobby Sayles, a baseball player who molests children but has never been convicted.

Krieg and Marlowe drive to Sayles' house but find it vacant. The psychotic Iris then calls Marlowe again and directs him to a nearby parking garage. On arrival the police discover the bloody-faced Sayles bludgeoned to death and left posed with a baseball glove on the back of his head. The police discover a camcorder used to record the murder (footage of the masked killer attacking her victim with a baseball bat is shown later in the movie).

Obsession with Marlowe Edit

Iris decides to put more pressure by breaking into Marlowe's house. The psychic hears a noise and goes to investigate, but the shadowy black figure leaves while his back is turned. Iris' actions have the intended effect, as Marlowe subsequently has an argument with Amy.


The black-gloved killer makes a phone call

Marlowe feels further pressure when it's revealed Thomas Page's DNA was found at both recent murder scenes (presumably Iris used her FBI access to steal evidence and plant it).

Iris drives with the distressed Marlowe to a bar where make small talk. Iris shows affection for her companion by kissing him, but Marlowe is clearly uncomfortable with her advances. After Marlowe goes with Krieg to investigate a lead Iris returns to the bar and seduces a male patron. They later make love and the aggressive Iris calls her fling 'Danny', clearly fantasising about Marlowe while she has sex with another man.

Hotel Confrontation Edit

Having theorised two possible 'chess movies' the killer might make next, the detectives split up. Krieg and Marlowe check out the most promising lead - the house of Joseph Kemper, an abuser who fits the victim profile. The police arrive to find Kemper stabbed in the chest, and the dead body lying in the bathtub. (It's not initially clear the copycat killer committed this murder, though video footage shown later reveals he was indeed another of Iris' victims).

Realising they've made the wrong move, Krieg and Marlowe join Detectives Eric Layton and Nikki Zeale at a hotel conference. Soon after arrival they discover the hung corpse of Byron Silvers, an attorney notorious for getting dangerous criminals off. Krieg checks out the crime scene - an elevator - and spots the black-clad killer escaping through the hatch. As Marlowe experiences a psychic vision of the killing, the detectives race to the roof.


The masked killer makes her dramatic escape

Shortly after hearing gunshots, Krieg finds Zeale badly wounded in a hotel corridor. Layton pursues the masked Iris to the roof where she surprises the detective and fatally shoots him. Krieg arrives soon after and manages to get the drop on the masked killer. Iris throws her gun to distract Krieg, then uses a staircase rail to swing and knock him out. The masked murderess runs to the roof, firing her weapon repeatedly to dissuade Krieg from following.

Marlowe joins Krieg and together they pursue the killer to the rooftop. However the well organised Iris has prepared an escape route - a cable and pulley system - which she uses to make her getaway. A news report of the incident reveals that Detectives Layton and Zeale died from their injuries.

Lies and Deception Edit

Iris covers her tracks by going off sick, leading Krieg to become suspicious. The detective becomes certain Iris is the killer after Judge Dilbeck - responsible for lenient sentencing of dangerous criminals - is stabbed and thrown through an office window to his death, and surveillance footage shows Iris (weaing normal clothes) in the building lobby the same day of the murder.


Realising the police are closing in, the scheming Iris plots her next move

Krieg has Marlowe call Iris to check where she's been the past few days. To throw the police off her scent, the scheming murderess ransacks her own apartment, cuts her own face and claims Leon Oswald - one of the prime suspects - was responsible for attacking her.

When Marlowe and Krieg go to Oswald's place to arrest him they find him dead with his throat slit and a chess piece in his hand. Iris has staged the crime scene and left a music video playing that shows gruesome footage of her murders, including the stabbing of Kemper (confirming the black-gloved copycat as his killer).

As a clue to her 'final move' the killer has left an animated movie of a chess piece moving across a map to Marlowe's home. Iris - having kidnapped Marlowe's wife and daughter - has also left another digitally disguised message on the radio, challenging him to guess where his family have been taken.

Endgame and Demise Edit

Based on the chess board and possible moves, Marlowe and Krieg guess the killer has gone to a nearby park. On arrival they find Marlowe's friend Myron missing and a digital voice disguiser at the scene, presumably left by Iris to impicate Myron in the murders (While the planted evidence fools Marlowe, from the viewer's perspective the ruse doesn't really work as Myron is African American and the masked killer clearly Caucasian).

Marlowe and Krieg go to the other 'chess board' destination: a warehouse where Iris is holding Amy and her daughter. The killer bangs a pistol on a locker to attract Krieg's attention and is able to surprise and shoot the detective. Marlowe - forced to confront the masked killer alone - finds Amy and Claire tied to a chair, both gagged with explosives wired to a nearby timer.


The copycat killer removes her mask

The kidnapper steps from the shadows and unmasks herself, revealing her identity to a surprised Marlowe. The evil Iris calls herself Marlowe's 'queen' and vents her anger for him leaving her for Amy. Marlowe - refusing to be intimated - demands Iris let his wife and daughter go. After Marlowe drops his weapon at Iris' request, she throws the switch regardless and triggers a three minute timer. Iris hits and kicks Marlowe, continuing her psychotic rant as the kidnapped women struggle against their bonds.

Krieg - having survived the gunshot - bursts into the room. This distracts Iris long enough for Marlowe to grab his discarded weapon and shoot the villainess several times in the chest, killing her. Marlowe and Krieg free the women and all four escape with moments to spare. Behind them the warehouse explodes in a ball of flame, incinerating the killer's remains.

Murder Victims Edit

  • Sarah Underhill (beaten and electrocuted with taser)
  • Bobby Sayles (bludgeoned with baseball bat)
  • Joseph Kemper (stabbed in bathtub)
  • Byron Silvers (hung inside elevator)
  • Detective Nikki Zeale (shot in chest, later dies)
  • Detective Eric Layton (shot on hotel roof)
  • Judge Dilbeck (stabbed and thrown through window)
  • Leon Oswald (throat slit)
  • Unnamed cop (bludgeoned)

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