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Iris Green is a villainess from The Punisher comic books. She appeared in The Punisher, volume 2, issues 21, 24-25.

Punisher 21-   After a practice boxing bout, BJ Johnson buys the Punisher a drink, and we're introduced to his girlfriend, Iris.  Microchip investigates Iris and finds that she has a degree in Pharmacology as well as a different kind of degree from Scully's Ninja Training Camp".  Punisher prepares an antidote (a universal antidote?) and then goes to investigate Iris, but winds up getting himself stabbed and injected with poison.  Iris then leaves him there, so he's forced to sit there, paralyzed, as Johnson mysteriously drops in the middle of the fourth round of the big match. He manages to recover just enough to bring his hand to his pocket and then his mouth to deliver the antidote before Daniels arrives to kill him.

Punisher 24 and 25-  We learn that Eternal Sun's local rep is Iris Green.  When Philip goes to the bathroom he plants a bomb that he subsequently detonates. Then the Shadowmasters attack Iris.  Punisher and Kathryn Yakamoto crash a party that Congressman Harvgreaves and Iris Green are attending at a campaign contributor and defense contractor called Faxtech Aerospace. Faxtech is about to debut a flex-wing fighter jet that Eternal Sun wants.  When Punisher and Kathryn show up at the party, Iris recognizes them and tries to convince the Punisher to join them.  When that fails, they get to fighting, and what's weird about it is how quickly the women wind up fighting in their lingerie.  Kathryn eventually blows up the hanger jet where they're fighting, killing Hargreaves and Green.

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