Ilsa Zwei 2 Deadball
Ilsa Zwei (Miho Harita)
is a secondary antagonist of the 2011 horror comedy film "Deadball" (デッドボール).

Ilsa works at the Pterodactyl Juvenile Reformatory as a guard and cavity-searcher. At the request of her superior, Frau Ishihara, she attempts to persuade protagonist Jubei Yakyu to join the prison's baseball team by threatening to kill his new friend and fellow inmate, Suzuki Shinosuke. Jubei agrees and Ilsa is put on the team to keep an eye on things. However, Suzuki gets a little payback during this time when he uses syringes filled with a paralyzing substance to incapacitate Ilsa.

Ilsa Zwei 7 Deadball

Showdown with Jubei...

After discovering what a deathtrap the baseball game has become, Jubei fakes his death and escapes. Shortly after, the paralysis wears off, and Ilsa goes after him. The two have a brief fight, and Jubei gets a little revenge of his own by showing her his own "cavity search" skills. It is here that Ilsa reveals that she is a double agent, sent to keep an eye on Ishihara at the instruction of her true boss, Governor Mifune.

Jubei is later framed by the governor for burning down the prison, killing all who remained inside. At the film's climax, he manages to track down Ilsa and the governor and kills them both with his deadly baseball pitch.

Ilsa Zwei 3 Deadball

Ilsa really enjoys her work...

Ilsa Zwei 4 Deadball

Taking Suzuki hostage...

Ilsa Zwei 5 Deadball

...and her former victim later doing the same to her.

Ilsa Zwei 6 Deadball

She breaks free, however, and murders one of the team members...

Ilsa Zwei 8 Deadball

The wind-up...

Ilsa Zwei 1 Deadball

...and the pitch.

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