Ikki is the Sekirei #19 in the second season of animation Sekirei. She was first mentioned by Kakizaki when he ordered Uzume in the hospital to terminate her.


Episode Edit

2nd Season 3rd episode.

Appearance Edit

A tall Sekirei with short black hair. She is wearing bloomers and a Chinese style looking shirt. She has a big 19 tattooed on her left thigh.

Abilities Edit

Ikki is a Sekirei who wielded dual kodachi (short swords similar to the wakizashi but with a greater curvature and always the same length where the wakizashi's length varied).

Story Edit

Although she ran after the egret who had punished the army for writing, he went round at the thought of running away. The moment of escape ran through the back and stopped functioning immediately.

Gallery Edit

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