Ice Queen (Stonekeep)

Ice Queen is a boss character in the 1995 role-playing video game Stonekeep. She was portrayed by Colleen Moroney and voiced by Melodee M. Spevack.

Story Edit

Computer Gaming World Edit

"Be sure that you complete the Faerie Realm before heading to the lce Caverns. Here you must find a special weapon to show to Kandoc, leader of the local tribe. (...) After you show Kandoc the blue fire, he leads you to a secret passageway. Go through the passage and kill the Ice Queen. She drops Helion’s Orb, which is a wanning orb. It thaw's out any frozen characters and keeps your party from taking further damage in the Caverns. A new exit, south of the Ice Queen, opens after you kill her." [illustration] "TAKE THIS YOU FRIGID WITCH! Drake meets the Ice Queen's freeze attack with some cold steel."

PC Games Edit

[translated from German] "The Ice Shargas are very helpful. At (2) you meet a healer and at (3) is Kandoc, the leader of this small group. He will help you as soon as you find the magic fire - in his opinion the only weapon that can be used to defeat the Ice Queen. (...) As soon as the leader of the Ice Shargas sees the magic fire, he opens a secret passage in the north, so the way to the Ice Queen (1) is finally exposed. She can easily be taken down with some heavy fireball use. If there is a shortage, beam away, recharge your batteries and continue working!"

PC Player Edit

[translated from German] "After entering the Ice Caverns, the Ice Shargas ask for help. King Kandoc wants you to kill the Ice Queen for him because she terrorizes his people. Kandoc opens the way to the Ice Queen. Slowly make your way to her and first eliminate the ice crystals in the area. Then heal again, conjure up protection and save. Then take the Cold Fire into the wand and walk to point "K", where the Ice Queen is already waiting. The greeting is icy, of course, so throw the blue fire at her and she will flee. The best thing to do is to stand in front of the ice throne and wait until the queen reappears (if she comes from the south, you might get hit be frozen, so first change sides and stand in the south) and attack until she is killed. Then you take Helion's Orb. If you destroy your throne with fireball spell, you can find a complete cure by drinking water from it."

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Dialogue Edit

Stonekeep - Fairy song - War of the Ice Realm -HQ-

Stonekeep - Fairy song - War of the Ice Realm -HQ-

"War of the Ice Realm" song about the Ice Queen's cruelty

Faery Queen Iaenni's tale Edit

  • Iaenni: "It is the story of the last Elf, one who is dear to me. The dark one was opposed by many, including the Faeries and Elves with our magicks. Khull-Khuum was only annoyed, and while I used my powers to hide my people from his damning gaze, the Elves were not so fortunate. Every city and stronghold of the Elves was destroyed. The few Elves that survived were hunted to death by his followers. Only one survived, for he was my lover and stood my side while his people were ravaged. For hundreds of years afterwards, he contained his grief and misery. But his heart - and his love for me - was overcome with vengeance. He left to destroy the dark one. He journeyed far, and I aided as well as I could, but he has been captured by the Ice Queen, a minion of the shadows. The keeper of my heart is but a living statue in her realm, trapped in ice. And I can do nothing. As you seek to destroy Khull-Khuum, seek my love and free him. He is a mighty warrior and knowledgeable in the ways of the dark one. Even if he chooses not to return to my side, I will be eternally grateful."

Ice Shargas Edit

  • Sarkan: "Are you the Ones? Come you have to save us from her evil? Have you?"
  • Kandoc: "Kandoc's people not like Shargas. They live in tunnels with others in peace. Tunnels were Kandoc's realm until the Ice Queen's coven invaded this area. Much power she has, to kill Kandoc's people and steal their homes. Now, only these small caverns remain of Kandoc's realm. Kandoc's people flee; only his guards stay. Help Kandoc! A weapon you will find, to kill the Ice Queen, and Kandoc will show you secret. Kandoc's warriors will tell you what they can. Go now."
  • Advisor: "Fire defeats the Ice Queen, though visions say more than fire. Say need fire that is different. Go, find different fire... and return."
  • Rek: "Ha-ha! Queen's servents, you are! Yes, he is, he is. Mad, Rek is? Yes, mad is Rek. Kill you all, Rek will! Ha ha ha! Die!"
  • Rek:"The Ice Queen did not want Rek's hammer to be found, so she cursed Rek and hid his hammer. Find it, you do, it is yours. It will be helpful." 
  • Gorza: "Help you, king says. Help you would Gorza, but cannot. Gorza lost rune scroll when she came. Find it you do, and Gorza will help."
  • Kandoc; "A weapon you have found? Yes! Yes! Coldfire kill Ice Queen! Done well, you have! Now, Kandoc will tell you secret. Passage, it is, to Ice Queen's realm. Go, now, and kill her!"

Confronting the Ice Queen Edit

  • Ice Queen: "Well, if it isn't the hero. Feeling a little cold are we?"
  • Drake: (shivering) "Warm enough, thanks."
  • Ice Queen: "It'll get colder, hero. Trust me on that. The orbs you have are worth everything to the Shadow King. He'll grant me anything I desire when I take them from you."
  • Drake: "Tough words, but you don't look that dangerous to me."
  • Ice Queen: (laughing) "Oh, really? I hope you like my frosty sense of humor then."

Other Edit

  • Nigel: "I noticed this weak section of the ice before that witch got me. I must return to my family, but you might want to explore on. Good day to you, sir. Hasrach cho'dai, Karzak-ovak."
  • Scroll: "Ice Queen. Khull-Khuum wants you to invade the Faerie Realm! The Terrible Troll has informed him that an Orb has been collected and is waiting for him there. The Prophecy will be turned."
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