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Dr. Gail Waters
, aka Hurricane (Athena Massey) is a villainess from the 2001 Black Scorpion TV series, appearing in the second episode, "Wave Goodbye."  She reappeared in the two-part series finale episode "Zodiak Attack".

Gail Waters is a marine biologist testing the waters for toxic waste in the beginning of the episode. While doing so, she and her assistants are suffocated by the fumes of the toxic waste, which was dumped by a pair of men working for Mayor Artie Worth (Robert Pine). Gail comes out of the water and is later confronted by a lifeguard who grills her. An upset Gail shows the effects of the toxic exposure, flashing green eyes and causing a thunderstorm to hover over the lifeguard.

Back in her lab, Gail tests her own blood and the blood of her assistants, revealing that they have become part squid due to the effects. As for Gail, she has developed the ability to control the weather, causing storms and huge winds. Gail later watches Mayor Worth's press conference promising to get to the bottom of the toxic contamination of the ocean, but she later blows her toxic mist at the television and laughs maniacally.

Gail later resurfaced with her squid henchmen (Kevin West and Richard Tanner) at a bank, donning a mask and costume and going by the name, Hurricane. The trio terrorized the citizens inside and later robbed the bank, but were later confronted by Black Scorpion (Michelle Lintel). Hurricane, while referring to Scorpion as a spider, unleashed her storm towards Black Scorpion, which caused damage to her vehicie, damaging the vehicle's weaponry. After her encounter with Black Scorpion, the villainous Hurricane interrupted a weather report and announced that she has built a cyclonic magnifier; a device that will enhance her powers. She demanded that Mayor Worth pay $10 million to clean up the beach or she'll destroy the city.

Later on, Hurricane and her squid henchmen hooked up the cyclonic magnifier, boosting Hurricane's powers and allowing her to flood the CIty of Angels. Black Scorpion arrived and subdued the squids, but Hurricane attempted to destroy the device so Black Scorpion couldn't use it to stop her evil plans. Black Scorpion fights Hurricane again, this time defeating the villainess and shutting down the cyclonic magnifier. Though not shown on screen, Hurricane is arrested for her crimes.


  • Gail Powers/Hurricane was the first villainess in the Black Scorpion TV series.


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