TheMongols Ekberg0

Anita Ekberg as Hulina

Hulina (Anita Ekberg) is the villainess in the 1961 film, "THE MONGOLS".

A traitor to her own eastern European people, Hulina supports the invasion of the Mongol hoards in laying waste to the city of Kracow. Ruthless and power-hungry, she kills the Great Genghis Khan (Roldan Lupi) in his tent in hopes that her Mongol lover Ogatai (Jack Palance) will take over as the new Khan.

The natives fight back and trick the Mongol horsemen (including Hulina) to ride into a quicksand bog which they knew about. The dead Khan's son, Temugin (Gabriele Antonini), who knows of her murder of his father, watches in satisfaction. He is unwilling to lend a hand, as the treasonous murderess sinks slowly to her doom.


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