Honey quuen
The Honey Queen is a member of the Trump Siblings from the second One Piece movie. When she first appears she is naked taking a bath in a bathtub that was in the front of the ship. She seems to be quite shameless and flirtatious, as she first appeared naked in a bathtub on the top of her ship. She and Boojack kidnapped Nami at the start of the movie as well as capture Sanji later on. However, once she sees her siblings losing to the Straw Hats she tries to run away using her powers, only to be caught and sealed in a glass jar by Nami.

One Piece Movie 2 is her first appearance bathing on the top of her pirate ship Honey Queen has eaten the Devil Fruit Toro Toro no Mi, a Logia-class that allows her to change into liquid. However, it seems to be inferior to other Logia. Oddly, even though Devil Fruits transform the user's clothes along with their body, she always leaves her clothes behind while she transforms into liquid.


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