Hinako Ninomiya (voiced by Yumi Touma) Ranma 1-2 Oav 04 01

Powerful & tall woman Hinako is a like panther: beautiful & dangerous!

Hinako Ninomiya is the villainess of the 4th OVA of Ranma called "Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako" (1994). She's voiced by Yumi Touma (Japanese) & Janyse Jaud (English). She also appears in the Ranma manga, making her debut in Chapter 259 "The Ultimate Teacher".

Hinako is a teacher who has a strong reputation for being totally inflexible with any type of delinquents, even the hardest! She has already "cleaned" several schools and she appears definitely as "the problem solver" for discipline & order!

She uses an ancestral martial arts technique called "Happogentsu" which makes her almost invincible!

Normally Hinako is not an adult ... she's a very little girl. When it becomes necessary she uses Happogentsu technique absorbing instantly all the energy of her opponents (it's works even on several persons at the same time!) to annihilate any kinds of resistance! Everybody around is knocked down!!! The energy is channeled through the hole of a five yens piece or any item with a hole at center.

Resulting the energy absorption Hinako grows and inflates until her adult form and she regains her shape of little girl after a while. She can also resend all her energy in one shot! Her opponent receives an ultra powerful giant fireball!!!

Now Hinako comes at Furinkan high school as the "ultimate teacher" for educate properly Ranma and his buddies...

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