Himeoto and Meka 1 - Lupin III

Himeoto(ひめおと)and Meka (めか) are the primary antagonists of chapter 4 of the manga "Shin Lupin III" (新ルパン三世」No.4) as well as "Search the House of Mystery Women" (謎の女人館を探れ」), the twenty-second episode of the second "Lupin III" tv anime series.

Himeoto is the green-haired leader of the "house of mystery women". Her younger blonde sister, Meka, goes out pretending to be a damsel in distress, and once she is "rescued", she invites the heroic man back to the house. There, these men enjoy a leisurely time pampered by many scantily-clad girls, but when it comes time for them to leave, Himeoto presents them with a gift which ages them very rapidly when opened.

Lupin falls into this very trap while heading towards the house after hearing about a great treasure held there, but thanks to Jigen's suspicions, they are able to uncover the scheme. In the end, Lupin manages to steal the treasure and both Himeoto and Meka fall prey to the aging gas themselves.

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