Hillary 1 Absolute Aggression

Evil henchwoman Hillary Dietrich

Hillary Dietrich
(Cheryl Clifford) is a henchwoman in the 1996 action movie "Absolute Aggression".

Hillary is the daughter of another of the film's villains, Heinz Dietrich. Though only in about 3.5 scenes, she is shown to be an unsavory character from start to finish, with her acts including helping to capture an investigative news reporter so that his kidneys can be sold on the black market, and then having sex with a hacker, only to fatally shoot him three times during her climax.

Eventually, Hillary manages to capture the lead heroine, Andrea, and attempts to torture her with a "rape simulator" program. Unbeknownst to the henchwoman, however, Andrea slowly works away at the binding of her hands. Once free, the heroine then strangles Hillary to death.


Hillary 2 Absolute Aggression

With her father...

Hillary 3 Absolute Aggression

...and the hacker.

Hillary 5 Absolute Aggression

Andrea captured...

Hillary 4 Absolute Aggression

...and Hillary has a special surprise...

Hillary 6 Absolute Aggression

...waiting just for her.

Hillary 9 Absolute Aggression

One good surprise deserves another, though.

Hillary 8 Absolute Aggression

"Oooh, if papa could see you now... he'd be so proud of you!" the heroine taunts.


Hillary 7 Absolute Aggression
Hillary 10 Absolute Aggression

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