Hillary Cooper

The evil Hillary Cooper

Hillary Cooper (Malese Jow) is a villainess from "Smells Like Teen Spirit," episode 6.15 of Castle (airdate February 17, 2014). She is a student at Fairfield Preparatory Academy, the alma mater of Richard Castle.

As revealed later on, Hillary was part of a Bling Ring-type trio, which was lead by Madison Beaumont and also included their friend, Kris Howard. The group broke in to the homes of Fairfield students and stole various items; mainly jewelry--all to fund Madison's shopping habit. At some point, Kris wanted out of their habitual robberies, but Madison threatened to ruin both Kris and Hillary if they backed out, leading to Kris killing Madison during a confrontation and using a fake video of Madison being killed via a telekinetic event to cover up the murder. Hillary witnessed the video with Kris in the beginning of the episode, and believed the ruse due to the fact that the video was passed off as a face time chat.

Hillary's reveal as a thief came in the episode's climax, when Castle and Kate Beckett interrogated the pair during their school dance. During the confrontation, the stolen loot was uncovered from Kris and Hillary's lockers, with the latter telling the former that they can get out of this due to her father being a lawyer. However, Hillary was surprised to learn that what she thought was a video chat with Madison was actually a prank video that Madison sent to Kris, and was even more surprised to learn that Kris killed Madison. Hillary stated that Kris being a cheerleader was a benefit to her placing Madison's blood on the ceiling, and after the reveal, both Kris and Hillary were arrested--the latter being arrested for the robberies.


  • Malese Jow later appeared on The Flash as the evil Dr. Light.
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