The evil Hilde Schmittendorf

Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf is a villainess, and a boss fight, from the 2013 video game Dead Rising 3.

She is a truly sadistic and evil woman, who serves as the head of security for the main villain General Hemlock.

When the game's hero Nick Ramos enters the Los Perdidos Police Department Station Parking Garage, he hides behind a broken police car. There he hears Hilde talking to a few special ops soldiers about security camera footage, that Nick himself came to look for. She has a soldier place the data stick with the footage on it in her cleavage.

Suddenly a male civilian runs into the parking garage carrying his injured wife and pleads for help. Hilde gets confirmation that there are no other survivors with the man, and then orders the special ops soldier to shoot the injured woman in the head. The husband yells out in shock and starts to cry, Hilde just heartlessly laughs, she then rubs her body and moans in pleasure, clearly aroused by the situation. She walks over to the crying husband and snaps his neck, just for the pleasure of killing him, she laughs again.

Nick comes out of hiding, shocked at what hes seen, and tries to reason with Hilde. He can't believe that she could murder innocent civilians so casually and sadistically. Hilde orders her special ops soldiers to deal with Nick while she runs up to the third floor of the station.

When Nick has dealt with her soliders, he runs up to the third floor, where Hilde is, for a boss fight. Once the player has taken enough of her health away a cutscene plays, here Nick dives at the evil Hilde and knocks the two of them through a window to the ground below. Nick's fall is cushioned by Hilde's breasts, and he survives, but the sadistic Hilde does not, and she dies from the fall.


During the boss fight Hilde will attack from long range using pistols and a rocket launcher. At close range she will beat Nick with her pistols and kick him. She can also grab Nick and bring him to the floor, where she will choke him between her legs, which is then followed up with a neck snap.


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