The psychotic model Hexina

Hexina aka Helen Spears (Claudia Christian) is a villainess from the movie Hexed.

Hexina is a very famous French supermodel who is staying in a modest hotel in the United States. The reason being that she is being blackmailed by a man nearby, he has information that reveals she is really an American woman called Helen Spears who killed 32 people in a fire and fled to Europe, changing her appearance so she could become a model.

The movie's protagonist Matthew Welsh gets caught up in her story when he listens in to a phone call in the hotel for Hexina. It is from the blackmailer, he is trying to organise a meeting with Hexina. Matthew a notorious liar, assumes the identity of the blackmailer, not realising the full extent of why they are meeting, thinking he was merely meeting Hexina for a date.

Matthew picks Hexina up from the hotel and they head back to his place, along the way Hexina has Matthew pull the car next to a performing street mime on the side of the road. Hexina pretends to offer the mime money, and as he nears the car window she punches him in the face purely for pleasure, laughing as they speed away in the car.

Matthew takes Hexina back to her place where the two have sex and afterwards Hexina tries to kill him with a knife. Matthew manages to avoid dying and admits he lied about who he was. He takes Hexina back to her hotel where she receives a call from the real blackmailer. She and Matthew go the address he gave her where she shoots him dead with a gun. She gets Matthew by gunpoint and tells him to help look for the negatives of the photo the blackmailer had. She finds them and they leave.

Later the next day Matthew feels guilt about being there when Hexina killed the blackmailer, he threatens to go to the police and reminds Hexina that she left proof of her presence in his house in the form of earrings. The hotel manager Simon takes Hexina to the airport but they stop off at Matthew's apartment when Hexina lies and claims he has stolen her earrings and probably put them in his house. There she finds the earrings, plants the gun that killed the blackmailer in Matthew's drawer and kills Simon the manager.

The police end up looking at Matthew as the prime suspect for the murders, and he ends up on the run. He tries to clear his name by luring Hexina to the hotel roof, claiming he has the photos of her old self, she appears on the roof to meet him where he ends up secretly recording their conversation. Hexina pulls out a knife and tries to kill Matthew, he avoids her attacks and ends up climbing on the giant hotel neon sign, which collpases, leaving Matthew hanging off the edge for his life. Hexina starts stomping on the sign, making it shake, trying to get Matthew to fall off. However her stomping causes the sign to further move, and Hexina falls off the sign to her death, crashing through the roof of a bus below her.


  • Claudia Christian played villainess Lisa Martin in the TV show Columbo, appearing in the 1993 episode "It's All In The Game".
  • Claudia Christian appeared as Patricia van Lier in the 1998 film, Mercenary II.
  • Claudia Christian played Max in the 1999 movie Final Voyage.
  • Claudia Christian appeared as Carson Inez in the TV series Relic Hunter, appearing in the 2001 episode "All Choked Up"
  • Claudia Christian voiced the Fairy Godmother in the videogame Shrek 2.
  • Claudia Christian appeared as villainess Louise Moreau in the TV series NCIS. Appearing in the 2017 episode "Willoughby".


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