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Hesse was a villainess for the Italian comic book publisher Ediperiodici during the 1970's.  They published 46 issues of Hessa.

At thirteen Hessa Von Thurm's father tried to rape her.  Hessa's mother tried to protect her daughter by sending her to a private girl's school, but the staff were sadists and raped their students more often than actuall teaching.  Hessa in a fit of rage set the school on fire.  Everybody burned to death except for the headmistress, who Hessa killed personally.  Hessa took her whip as a memento.

After a gap of a few years, Hessa led the SS Sex Sonder Sturmtruppen.  These female commandos also use sex as a weapon.  Soon she and her tropps are sent to the Netherlands, where they instill fear and kill partisans.

Hessa falls in love with Walter van Dorn, who she is later forced to kill.  After finding out that she kills Walter's twin brother instead of him she is captured and put in prison.  Her guardian is Rouwerson, a blind giant of a man.  Rouwerson falls and Hessa escapes.

There were 45 additional comic-boosk that followed.

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