There are many lesser henchwomen in the 1996 comedy horror film "Satanic Yuppies" (aka. "Evil Ambitions").


Henchwomen 1 Satanic Yuppies
​(Amy Ballard) is perhaps the most active woman in the Inferno corporation aside from Brittany Drake (Amber Newman) and Tawny (Cari Minster).


Henchwomen 5 Satanic Yuppies
Often paired with Victoria is Jamie (Stacey Sparks). At the climax of the film, the two are punished by Satan by being sucked into a vortex to Hell to be enrolled into his "frequent fryer" program, after they bungled up the task of obtaining a virgin to be his bride.

The restEdit

Other minor villainesses include the naked Flame Dancer (Naomi Keates), the Interns (Glori-Anne Gilbert, Chrystal Waters, and Anastasia Heonis), and the Cult Members (Crissee Barkeloo, Laura Terry).

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