is the primary villainess of the 1978 Italian horror comic "Terror #100: i gemelli di hitler" and it's altered 1992 reprint "Terror Special #51: Seme Maledetto". 

Helga was once a family nurse to a Polish woman named Ewa, but she was fired from the job after trying to molest her. Jump ahead a few years later, Helga has joined the Third Reich and Ewa has been taken to her concentration camp, where female prisoners are being experimented on to find the secret to birthing twins with a 100% success rate. Rather than subjecting her to the same lot, Helga makes Ewa her personal slave; making love to men right before her eyes, while prohibiting her from getting any sexual release herself.

After many weeks of witnessing the horrors of the experiments performed on the pregnant women, Eva snaps and attacks Helga, which prompts the Nazi woman to have her impregnated for the experiment. She does not use just any seed, however, but the sperm of a deranged criminal who cooked and ate his victims. Near the end of Eva's final trimester, Russian soldiers attack the area, forcing Helga and the other soldiers to destroy the facility and evidence of all that took place there.


An aged Helga watches in horror...

Decades later, long after the end of the second world war, Helga has formed a circus, with the hidden agenda of using the profits to form a new Nazi movement. Much to her shock, one of the performers she hires is none other than the son of Ewa, who survived just long enough to give birth to twin boys. The brothers, having inherited the "cannibalistic genes" then proceed to devour Helga's daughter, a fellow circus performer, before her very eyes. Lastly, they consume and kill the Nazi herself, and position her remains in the shape of a swastika.


Her last day as a nurse...


Dealing with an "out of line" prisoner.


Ewa has had enough...


An unforgettable end...

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