Heather Davis

Villainous robber Heather Davis

Heather Davis (Melissa McIntyre) is a villainess from "Bad Girls", the penultimate episode of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye's third and final season (airdate May 15, 2005). She was a senior at private Arlington high school Bridgeport, and a friend of fellow popular student Gabriella Osmondson.

Heather was also revealed to be a cohort in a bank robbing scheme with Gabriella, with the third member of the trio of cohorts being Heather and Gabriella's friend Megan McDaniel. The true ringleader of the trio was Bridgeport's gym coach, Coach Jenkins, with Gabriella robbing the bank City Central Saving (the bank her father Benton was the president of) before the girls went on to rob another bank together.

During the robbery, Heather (along with her cohorts) wore ski masks, with one of the girls attacking a security guard who attempted to intervene. The girls additionally wore football shoulder pads they borrowed from their school during the robbery, having convinced the student equipment manager Larry Bloomster to let them use the equipment. Later on, after the FBI team was led to Bridgeport during their investigation into the robberies, with Larry revealing how he gave shoulder pads to the girls. When questioned by Dimitrius Gans and Tara Williams, Heather (like Gabriella and Megan) denied taking the football shoulder pads and painted Larry as an obsessed stalker of Gabriella's, insinuating that he was lying to get them into trouble as revenge for Gabriella turning him down for a date.

While the girls' deception regarding Larry, as well as Coach Jenkins planting the shoulder pads in Larry's car, result in Larry being arrested, Sue Thomas remained suspicious and found evidence to Gabriella's collusion with Coach Jenkins. After luring Gabriella, Megan, and Jenkins into a trap to have the trio incriminate themselves in the robberies, the trio were arrested, with Heather presumably arrested (off-screen) for her role in the crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Heather, Gabriella, and Megan serve as Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye's final villainesses.
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