Hatta Mari

Nazi villainess Hatta Mari

Hatta Mari (Sara Berner; 1912-1969) is a villainess from Plane Daffy, a Looney Tunes short released on September 16, 1944.

Known as the "Queen of the Spies," Hatta Mari is a Nazi femme fatale who uses her feminine wiles to seduce carrier pigeons into revealing Allied secrets. She is shown in the cartoon's beginning working her evil magic on Pigeon 13, who refuses to talk--until Hatta Mari slips him a mickey. The drink turned #13 loquacious, as he spilled various secrets to the villainess, who turned on the monitor and allowed Adolf Hitler to listen in. Realizing his blunder, #13 planned to commit suicide, with the evil Hatta Mari handing him a gun and sending him out of the house to shoot himself (he misses).

Daffy Duck, a self-professed woman hater, volunteered for the mission, but is later drawn to Hatta Mari's seductive charms and enters the home. After sharing a kiss, Daffy stopped the villainous Nazi from looking at the secret message, and then plants a kiss on her to drive her wild. Shortly afterwards, a chase ensues, with Hatta Mari making various attempts to kill Daffy. The villainess then points a shotgun at Daffy and demands the secret, only for Daffy to swallow it in an act of patriotism. Hatta Mari later placed Daffy behind an X-Ray and planned to show Hitler the secret message, which was revealed to say "Hitler is a stinker," humiliating the group of Nazis.

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