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Hannah Carmelina Santorini Frankman
 (Yancy Butler) is the main human antagonist of the 2006 horror film "Basilisk: The Serpent King".

Hannah donates $100,000 towards a dig by the archaeologist protagonists, where they unearth, among other things, a golden scepter called "The Eye of Medusa" as well as the remains of the film's titular creature, the Basilisk. When the monster comes back to life during an eclipse, Hannah takes advantage of the panic and chaos to steal the scepter for herself. Outraged, one of the diggers, Sierra, moves to thwart her, but Hannah knocks her out of the way and towards the basilisk, where she is then eaten alive.

Hannah 9 Basilisk

"That was original Versace, you son of a bitch!" she screams at the creature, her priorities well in order.

Hannah, along with her husband, Brock, spend most of the film trying to evade the creature while also attempting to locate a map (with the scepter's help) that will lead her to a treasure to make her a billionaire. She gets into a catfight with Rachel - the love interest of the main hero, Harry - inside of a shopping center, where Brock is turned to stone soon afterwards. Near the film's climax, Hannah attempts to take yet another one of the archaeologists, Rudy, hostage and forces him to translate the map which will lead her to the treasure. She is ultimately killed when the basilisk bites her in half and swallows the torso, though only after being humiliatingly stripping her of her clothing.

Trivia Edit

  • Yancy Butler also portrayed the evil Deidre Kenyon from the 1997 film The Ex, as well as sadistic villainess Elena from the 2012 film Shark Week.


Re Yancy Butler Death Scene - shot

Re Yancy Butler Death Scene - shot

Watch her glorious yet extremely funny death scene here!

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