The evil Greta Meduse

Greta Meduse is the villainess of "Immortal Sin", case #49 of Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, the 2nd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date April 16, 2015). She was the mother of Teresa Turing, who had become the CEO of technology company Meteor Systems following the death of her husband. When Teresa was found dead in the underwater lab she'd just had built, Greta appeared heartbroken when she was informed about her daughter's passing.

But as revealed later on, Greta actually despised Teresa, believing her daughter was to blame for her deteriorating looks. When she learned that Teresa was researching immortality, Greta believed she held the secret to staying young and beautiful forever and asked her daughter to tell her what she'd found. When Teresa refused, the evil Greta knocked her daughter unconscious with a hand weight and placed her body in her underwater lab, where she was stung to death by the jellyfish she used in her research.

Greta was stung on her neck by one of the jellyfish, and the burn marks were among other pieces of evidence proving Greta's role in Teresa's death. After initially claiming innocence, Greta confessed to killing Teresa, accusing her daughter of being selfish in not sharing her secret with her, and expressed shock when Amy Young revealed to her that Teresa's research was motivated by the fact that she was dying of a terminal illness (something Teresa hadn't told Greta about). Greta was arrested and put on trial, where she expressed a belief that growing older was punishment enough for her crime and insulted judge Edward Dante when he called her out on her callous assertion. Greta was ultimately sentenced by the judge to twenty years in prison.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I didn't mean to kill her! But that nasty daughter of mine wouldn't share the youth she'd taken away from me! I knew she had found a solution to stop aging, some immortality trick, and yet she refused to tell me! She shouldn't have been so selfish. I'm her mother, for crying out loud! Who is she to hold secrets from ME?!" (Greta's callous confession to killing her daughter Teresa)

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