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Grace (later GR83) is the mega-thief turned undead cyborg henchwoman in the 1999 action film "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business".

Entering as a guest, Grace attends a high-class cyberwealth summit party held one evening by Data Corp. Meanwhile, her henchmen secretly disable the security system and sneak in weapons via a large cake. With everything in place, Grace kicks things off by shooting one of the guests dead, while her boys follow up by killing many more.  

When the dust has settled Grace takes Veronica Roberts and her male friend, Charles Clifton, hostage and forces her to read the demands of the criminals on live television. The woman does just as she says, but once finished, Grace kills the man anyways. She then gets on the phone with the police captain and demands $110 million, or else she'll continue killing one of the surviving party goers every ten minutes. Not wishing to stop there, she then also demands that each of the guests transfer an additional $5 million from their accounts into hers.

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Eventually, the film's hero, Luc Devereaux, makes his way through the building and into the party room, posing as a bus boy. Grace see's right through this chirade, however, and orders her henchmen to take him down. When they fail pathetically, Grace takes Veronica hostage yet again. Luc quickly removes a knife that is lodged in his chest, however, and throws it at Grace, killing her.

Fast forwarding to later in the story, Grace has now been revived and transformed into a cyborg by the main villain of the film. Given this fresh opportunity, she attempts to kill Veronica, but Luc manages to step in and kill her for a second time, and with the same type of weapon no less.

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