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Go-Rock Squad Female Grunt

The Go-Rock Squad is a villainous team from Pokemon Ranger with a loose musical theme, lead by Gordor and his four children (Tiffany, Clyde, Garrett, and Billy). They use evil capture stylus's (used by the Pokemon Rangers to befriend wild Pokemon) to capture and enslave wild and owned Pokemon. They're based in the Fiore Region.

Evil Schemes

  • Stole the Super Stylus and mass produced them.
  • Brainwashed countless wild and owned Pokemon.
  • Steals the Manaphy Egg
  • Attempted to conquer the entire Fiore region.

Grunt Attire

Female Go-Rock Squad grunts wears a skintight, sleeveless, red and white top with a white, skintight miniskirt with red stripes showing off their midriff. They also wear a thick belt with a golden buckle, go-go boots, yellow sunglasses, and elbow long gloves.

They have short blonde hair and golden sunglasses. 

Go-Rock Squad Top Rank Female Grunt

Top ranks grunts wear a pallet swapped version of their lower counterparts. Their hair is changed to a dark purple, the white parts are changed to a dark grey, the red parts change to a dark green, and their glasses and belt buckle and sunglasses become a dark shade of navy blue.


The Go-Rock Squad grunts are featured in the manga Mobilize!! Pokemon Ranger, which is, unfortunately, not translated into English. Based on the context, we can assume that she is brainwashing Pokemon owned by various trainers in Fiore to be used for evil purposes.