Gloria Williams

The psychotic Gloria Williams

Gloria Williams (Kim Director) is a villainess from "Rampage," the penultimate episode of CSI: Miami's fourth season (airdate May 15, 2006). She is the former girlfriend of Eric Delko, but once their relationship ended, Gloria began stalking Delko and threatening every girl he has dated since then.

Gloria's psychotic harassment was shown early in the episode, as she had vandalized Natalia's car by smashing the windows (Natalia and Delko dated briefly). After Natalia confronted Delko about Gloria, Delko confronted Gloria regarding her actions. The twisted villainess informed Delko that she spotted him with Marisol, referring to Marisol as his wife; she was really Delko's sister. Now knowing that Gloria had her sights set on Marisol (and knowing full well that she was stalking him), Delko warned his ex-girlfriend to stay away from him or she'll be arrested.

However, the evil Gloria ignored Delko's warning and vandalized Marisol's car in the same fashion that she vandalized Natalia's car: smashing the windows. She also stole Marisol's purse, which prompted Delko to head to Gloria's lavish home and retrieve it. Gloria was still insistent that Marisol was Delko's wife; stating that she had a wedding ring and she and Delko have the same last name. Delko ordered Gloria to pay for the damages to not only Marisol's car, but Natalia's as well.

After Marisol is later shot and Gloria's press-on nail was found at the scene, an angry Delko arrested Gloria after finding a sniper rifle in the trunk of her car. However, a test performed by Calleigh revealed that the striations from Gloria's rifle did not match the ones from the bullets that were fired at Marisol (who later died of her injuries). Though Gloria did not shoot Marisol, she revealed to Delko that she had planned to kill her, as she had aimed her rifle at Marisol intending to shoot, but changed her mind. She informed Delko that she heard shots coming from a room above hers, and following this, Gloria was (assumingly) arrested off-screen for attempting to kill Marisol.

Trivia Edit

  • Kim Director later appeared on Elementary as the evil Beth Stone, and played psychotic Andrea Turner in 2018's Homecoming Revenge.
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