Gladys Sharp is one of the two secondary antagonists of the 2006 animated film Over the Hedge. She is the former president of the Home Owners Association.

Biography Edit

Gladys is the president of the Home Owners Association, obsessed with the quality of every house in the neighborhood. She makes contact the RJ and the rest of the animals on her patio, and she promptly scares them off.

Unfortunately for Gladys, the animals return numerous times to steal food and end up destroying the neighborhood. She calls and hires Dwayne LaFontant as her henchman to kill RJ and his friends, even purchasing a Depelter Turbo regardless of the fact that such equipment is illegal in that state. Dwayne fails to catch the animals, whom Gladys finds in her house the next morning. She is frightened by Heather the opossum on her staircase, kicking and nearly killing her before calling Dwayne, and is sprayed by Stella the skunk. After Dwayne arrives and captures all the animals except for RJ, Gladys orders to be disposed of inhumanely.

The animals return with Dwayne's van and drive it right through Gladys' home. With her house destroyed, Gladys finally snaps and, along with Dwayne, charges the hedge the animals are hiding in with her weed whacker. She is then frozen in time when Hammy the squirrel consumes an energy drink, which allows him to move faster than the speed of light and activate the Depelter Turbo. Gladys and Dwayne are unintentionally tackled by Vincent the bear, who was attacking the animals on the opposite side of the hedge, activating the trap and they all scream in pain as it burns and traps them.

Gladys, with her pajamas in tatters and most of her hair missing, is apprehended by the police for using illegal equipment and fired from her job. She is last seen putting up a fight against the officers arresting her, and is presumably restrained for resisting arrest.

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