The demonic Girlfriend

The unnamed Girlfriend (Brette O'Brien) is the villainess of "Snap Trap", a short horror film released by Cowmaster Studios (release date June 13, 2017). She was a college student and the lover of the film's unnamed male protagonist.

The film began with the woman arriving to her boyfriend's home after classes, startling her boyfriend as she entered as he was watching a horror film. After recounting how her professor had been inappropriate with her during an exam, the woman mentioned a new app called "Snap Trap", which allowed users to take pictures of themselves that were then morphed into animals.

At his girlfriend's insistence, the man took a selfie with his girlfriend using the app. But while his face was morphed into that of a bunny, the picture showed the girlfriend taking the form of a demonic creature. As the man expressed confusion at this, he looked up to find his girlfriend standing in the kitchen, his back to him. As the man walked over to his girlfriend, she lifted her hand, causing the lights to suddenly go out. When the man reached out to touch her shoulder, the woman suddenly turned to show off a demonic face, showing that the app had revealed her true form as an evil demon. While the film ends there, it can be assumed that the boyfriend was killed by his demonic lover.


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Snap Trap (2017) - Short Horror Film

Snap Trap (2017) - Short Horror Film

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